Biden Beats Trump at His Own Game

Biden crushes Trump in the ratings. Sad!

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The Joe Biden town hall averaged 14.1 million viewers, according to just-released figures. The Trump town hall, which aired at the same time, averaged just 13.5 million viewers.

Even more impressively, Trump’s 13.5 million number includes three separate channels that simulcasted the event — NBC (10.9 million), MSNBC (1.8 million), and CNBC (720,000).

Biden’s town hall only appeared on one channel, ABC.

Jason Miller, a Trump campaigner, predicted that “we’re gonna have a much bigger audience than Joe.” Guess not!

This isn’t the first time Biden crushed Trump at his own game. About 24.6 million Americans watched Biden’s speech at his convention, while only 23.8 million Americans watched Trump’s speech at the RNC.

For Trump, size matters. The former (and potentially current) reality tv star has a well-documented obsession with ratings. The president once bragged on Twitter that the coronavirus press briefing had “Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers.”

Of course, ratings don’t matter. Ratings aren’t polls. But they matter to Trump, and that’s all that matters.

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