Peter Ramirez
political science researcher. former valedictorian. reader/writer. host of “Politics Mostly” podcast.

In the wake of the George Floyd Protests over racial equality, Florida passed one of the nation’s most draconian, anti first amendment laws I have ever seen.

And I lived through the Trump administration!

Slickly branded as an “anti-riot” measure, the law included the controversial provision of making it legal…

Photo: Getty Images/Illustration: Chloe Krammel

Joe Biden, heading into a tough election, cautioned American voters that the “GOP fever will break after the election.”

Except the year wasn’t 2020, it was 2012. I guess the fever never broke. Despite pushing broadly popular programs, President Biden has been met with near uniform resistance from Republican lawmakers.

Buried deep in the fine print, boxes that must be manually unchecked.

The New York Times released a bombshell report detailing how the struggling Trump campaign deceived its donors, resulting in unprecedented amount of refunds and fraud complaints.

The Trump campaign quietly set the default donation option to recurring, forcing donors to “wade through a fine-print disclaimer and manually uncheck a box…

Peter Ramirez

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